Math Autobiography


The first experience I remember with math would be flash cards with my mother. She would show me a card with a number of fruits and tell me to count them to find the sum of fruits. Or she would say she ate a few of them or gave some to me and ask me how many were left. She would do these little card tests with me at random throughout the day a few times a day. The following math encounter was around first grade where my class and I were asked to fill in the box in various locations of a math equation. This was to help us with actually developing a mathematical understanding of when to add or subtract to fill in the missing number in the box. This later turned into multiplying and dividing using the same box method. This is when my math intimidation began. I remember in 4-5th grade we would play this math game where the class would have to stand in front of their seats and go around saying each number’s multiplication table from numbers 1-12. I would never pass the 6th times table. I remember my mother sitting me down and having me rewrite the each numbers times table from 2-12 ten times each. Even though the tactic was tedious it helped me improve my multiplication skills. Sadly, once it came to long multiplication/division, decimals and fractions I was on my own. Then came graphs, imaginary numbers, formulas etc. I felt really lost and was always the quiet kid in school. This caused my school to put me through various tests to check for possible issues with my hearing, talking abilities or my comprehension in my early elementary years. I drove my mom nuts with all these appointments with various doctors and child services.I grew out of this little phase once they realized it was the fact that my first language was Spanish (that’s another long story I will never get into). Once I build a stronger understanding of English. I became more verbal in class and responsive. However, to this day… You’ll never find me speaking up in math class. I am always timid and second guessing myself. I could never trust my instinct and always find myself second guessing my answers. A majority of the time I find that my first answer was the right answer. I have yet found a teach or professor that could help me find my confidence in math. I guess I have to look for it myself now…. Who else find themselves second guessing their answers in math?


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  1. I think its amazing how your mom was able to be so involved in the early years of your life and made sure a few times a day you were doing math.

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  2. mathymathmath says:

    I also sometimes second guess my answers when I get them too fast or when they just look plain off. Hopefully you can find some confidence in this math class, its pretty small from what I’ve seen. Also cute psyduck.

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  3. Math Guru says:

    Hey, nice work! it is a great story of success and of perseverance. I believe it was worth it all the obstacles that you overcame.
    Thanks for sharing your math story w us.

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  4. Dr. Fisher says:

    I love that you remember your mom testing you with flash cards. That’s a sweet memory.

    Sometimes people who feel timid speaking up in class find it easier to ask questions online in a hybrid class. Maybe, that will be a positive part of this class? I hope so. Either way, I enjoyed reading your post.

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