After completing precalculus this far in the semester. I believe this course has definitely made me a more of an independent (I guess you can call) “math worker”.  After completing many of the online assignments. I do not find working on math online or in solitude as intimidating as I did in the beginning of the semester.

Some of the type of functions we have studied so far have been represented in the form of word problems, tables, graphs and formulas. I’ll name a few of these formulas. We have went over and reviewed the concept of rate of change, linear , coordinate planes, quadratic and exponential functions/equations

Precalculus has not really been too different from what I expected. Given the fact that the syllabus for this course definitely changed my expectations for this course. Which was to be more of an independent mathematician. Which I did kind of expect given this course is a hybrid course. I just wasn’t expecting this course to be so online based.

One new idea that I found interesting is secant lines. It kind made those complicated zigzag like graphs to look less intimidating to me. Given the trick I have learned with the secant line, which has to do with the rate of change. An Idea that I would like to explore more is  allometry, because this topic seems to go hand in hand with science and I love science especially when it has to do with animals. Which many of the desmos activity for this subject had to do with animals. The idea that I found most difficult was the demos activity titled “Formula 1” I found it very challenging to create a formula that followed the requirements of the equation and made graphs expected by the activity. It was easy for me to find the proper roots needed for the equation, but for some reason struggled with finding the proper fraction. I could see myself using factoring a lot when it comes to cooking and figuring out different portion size for my family. When it come to figuring out how much they like to eat and how much i can make to have some left over for tomorrow. This includes how much ingredients I’ll need to buy and use. To make life a little easier through out the week.

I find that I give myself enough time to really engage with the work assigned and find myself really engrossed in the work and am not as distracted as I might be with other assignments I am given. Something I want to do differently is to take more time to really read wileyplus chapters to understand the material a little clearer.

Does anyone else find it difficult to get into the work in the Wileyplus assignments?


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