Discussing Composition of Functions


After completing the Desmos activity. I would define the composition of functions as a formula that consists of two functions to be the formula’s input and output.

An example would be the GeoGebra activity. The machine I studied out of the five apps, was app number two. The formula forf(x) is unknown and am having a hard time trying to figure out what it could be… The outputs I would get were hard to figure out what would be the formula for f(x). I would find equations for each of the points that were graphed, but they wouldn’t be true for the other points on the graph.

To begin, g(x) = x^2+2. To get the output 15 the input has to be 2. So I would start by solving the formula g(x)  with the input 2 and I would get 6. Then to find f(x), I would use the output for g(x) and try to make a function with it.  I would find one to make the formula f(g(x)) true, but nothing that would make the other points true.

I looked in the textbook for help and revisited the Desmos activity, but I can’t figure out how to find a formula that makes the graph true.

Does anyone know how to find a function for a composition of a function to make the outputs on a graph true?


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  1. I see that you had some difficulty with this assignment but we all have those moments. I wish i could help you also but I feel like if there was probably something else to help you understand this assignment better I would have also been able to learn from it.

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