Exponential Skyscrapers🌇


For this blog post, I’ve been required to pick a skyscraper from the website “aviewoncities”. I decided to focus on the Lipstick Building. The building is 496ft tall.

The definition for subjects studied today are the following; A Growth factor is a starting value that has a quantity which will be multiplied by itself over time. A Growth rate is what the “x” value increases/decreases over time.

Following the studies from the Desmos activity, a man in a video explains how it takes a 1.5 difference in each dominoes’ dimension to make them topple over. Continuing this theory, I would need to multiply the dimensions from the smallest domino, which is 5mm.  It would take about 11.3 to topple over the skyscrapper.

I used the equation 5(1.5)^11.3 to solve this equation. This equation gave me a solution of 488.4. This is the closest answer I could get before going over the original value of 496ft.

What would be the formula for this equation, if the distant of the dominoes have to be a quantity of the dimensions, let’s say 2 a space between the dominoes?


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  1. mathymathmath says:

    I think the formula would change to 5(2)^11.3


  2. Exponential functions are really useful for everyday life using the formula ab^x. What I would like to know is what’s the relation between exponential functions and these sky crafter?


    1. super late in answering, but the relation between exponential function and skyscrapers is due to the continuous growth of dominos in order to be able to knock down this skyscraper; in theory with the Desmos activity.


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