Function Carnival

tumblr_inline_mjpzc27cah1roozkrJuanita has a cotton candy stand in a town’s small local carnival.  The carnival opens at 4pm and closes at 10pm. An average serving size of cotton candy contains 30 grams of sugar. Juanita wants to keep track of the highest amount of customers she has per hour.

FullSizeRender (1)

As you can see Juanita lives in a fairly small town, What food item do you think sells the most in a carnival? what time do you think is the busiest hour of serving this item?


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  1. I really liked your story, the best time was 7 and 8 pm because it sells more which was 240 gram of sugar.


  2. mathymathmath says:

    I think popcorn can sell the most at a carnival I always see people munching on them in ads and movies


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