Reflection ~ Before the Exam


My experience in Precalculus since the first exam has been a rollercoaster. What I mean by that is I would do a Desmos activity in class or for a blog assignment; feel as if I had grasped it well. That would all change when it came to class discussions or Wiley plus assignments. This state of understanding would change in different assignments and subject engagement each week.

Since the first exam, I have learned about power functions, logarithms, inverse functions, rational functions and exponential functions. I believe this material has been different from what we’ve studied in the first part of the semester. I feel there are more ruled that are needed to be remembered and more symbols. Some of the rules are easy to remember because it follows other math logics, but some of them along with the symbols are just that and needed to be remembered as such (if that makes sense).

My approach has changed dramatically since the last semester. I have needed to do a lot of review problems and looking over class notes and Desmos activities in order to remember the use of these symbols and the rules that need to solve equations. To make some of these steps a little less tedious I have learned a lot more useful tricks on Desmos calculator.

It was pretty difficult to sit down and look over my notes because at times my notes would not be as clear as I would like them to be to decipher why the problems were simplified in that way. I would waste a lot of time looking over my notes and trying to figure out what was going on. I have now become a better math note taker and make sure to write the little reason as to why I completed the problem that way.

As much as this class has gotten me comfortable with interacting with various websites in order to complete subject topics. I still find myself liking the use of pen, paper, and text to study. I will, however, keep Desmos calculator in my pocket. I have used it a few times to do personal calculations and find it very easy and helpful.

The need to be familiar with these various websites interface is becoming more and more crucial to the work and education field. Given That I am going to be a mommy in just as a month. I would like to further my education, but can not do it physically. This class has definitely strengthened my confidence with technology-based work and the need for this work to be accomplished alone. This is something that Guttman doesn’t push too much. The majority of projects are a group effort. Now that this class is just the opposite of many of Guttman first year experience and following much of the second year. I feel not distress in applying for epermits to take as many online class until I am able to physically apply to some classes.

Has anyone gotten comfortable with other interfaces outsides of the classes to strengthen their understanding of the course materials?


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