Irrational Exponent By MathLearner



After completing this blog post, what I gather from this assignment. I would say a rational exponent consists of powers. There are various functions that represent a simple version of a rational exponent. That depends on whether the function is based on multiplication or division. The way they would be represented as a simple ration exponent is the addition or subtraction.

An example of the activity would be 4^5/3(4^3/10) = 4^(5/3+3/10) and (15^1/2)/ 15^1/4= 15^(1/2-1/4).

If I have an exponent of  100^3^4.67

then to convert it to a number with a power fraction, I must think of the 100 as the denominator and the 4.67 as the numerator.

I would then have to move the decimal to the left. I would be left with 4^467/100

To convert this to a number with a decimal it would 4^4.67.


Irrational numbers used in real life; an example would be interest rate to deposit money in the bank. 

Can anyone else think of a real life example for irrational numbers?


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