How Serious is the Tumor?!☠️

🔬Overview: The word tumor can make anyone uncomfortable. It definitely strikes a wave of emotions when mentioned after a physical. In this activity I will go over various types of tumors with the help of power functions. A special equation used to tell how the growth of the tumor is  the von Bertalanffy equation.

Relevant Section in the Book: 11.1✨

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On your blog: Please write a blog post explaining the concept of power functions and how the Von Bertalanffy equation is used. Focus your blogs on one of the three kinds of tumors positive growth (malignant), negative growth or no growth (benign). How are one of the three represented by the Von Bertalanffy?

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  • Don’t forget to end the blog post with a question. What question can you configure about  the von Bertalanffy equation?🔮💬